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Offered as an abridged version of our full day seminar sharing the same name, this 3.5-hour seminar is perfect for those who need to glean key concepts in a shorter time span.

Starting with the basics and moving to more advanced features, this Excel training imparts strong fundamentals to build on, while leading you through more advanced concepts, along with covering the most important new features of Excel. In less than half a day, you’ll learn how to turn Excel into a powerful productivity tool—working faster, smarter and savvier. As an added bonus, seminar attendees will receive a concise, information-packed downloadable workbook to encourage subject mastery and retention.

Excel is one of today's most powerful and versatile business tools, if you're not familiar with its basic functions, formulas, commands and keystrokes, you're setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment. This course covers the most important tips and techniques to demonstrate how to enter data quickly and correctly without having to type and retype the same text and numbers. With keyboard shortcuts your fingers will not need to leave the keyboard to reach for the mouse. You will learn how to print correctly and how to make eye-catching worksheets with styled formatting.

Learn the essentials to navigate a worksheet and the knowledge to extract meaningful data without wasting hours with thick manuals, week-long classes, or ill-conceived tutorials that no one has time for with on-the-job learning.

*NOTE: This is not a hands-on workshop. You'll learn more in less time with our dynamic hands-off teaching approach—without wasting valuable time entering data, correcting mistakes, or waiting for other seminar attendees to catch up. This seminar provides all the information you need to try everything you've learned later, at your own speed and convenience.

What You'll Learn

  • How to customize frequently used commands on the ribbon.
  • Techniques to enter data (lots of data) quickly and efficiently.
  • How to let Excel autofill data for you.
  • Learn the difference between a Formula and a Function.
  • Automate your data with cell referencing.
  • Make your data stand out with styles.
  • Learn how to correctly set up page-breaks to print a worksheet.
  • Learn how to print the header row on every single page.
  • Discover useful keyboard shortcuts (for both PC and Mac users).