Strategies to Build Rapport and Work Well with Others

Gain the people skills essential to building positive and productive relationships

1-Day Seminar


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CPE: 6  

Do your interpersonal skills boost you forward or hold you back?

Ever notice how some people have a knack for connecting with others? Not just "getting along" — but really making a connection. They can strike up a conversation with anyone, and easily smooth over the most difficult conflicts to reach a consensus. They communicate tactfully and leave a positive impression on everyone they meet. Their personal relationship skills improve their success — at work and in everything they do.

Some people just naturally have these enviable skills. The great thing is, these vital skills can also be learned!

Attend this one-day seminar and you'll be able to …
  • Understand why different people act the way they do and handle all personality types with skill and ease.
    Learn to recognize the 4 behavior styles and gain strategies to communicate effectively with each.
  • Communicate confidently, effectively and tactfully with all types of people.
    Sidestep conflict and promote cooperation among everyone on your team. Deliver criticism that is positively accepted, leading to meaningful change.
  • Address differences diplomatically and quickly negotiate solutions.
    Solve issues with minimal disruption, so you can move on to productive collaboration.
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and build your circle of influence.
    Learn techniques you can use to build professional friendships and promote your ideas. Repair your image and replace it with a lasting positive impression.

Don't let your relationship skills hold you back. Enjoy the career success you want and deserve. It begins when you enroll today!

Master the Art of Working with People

Gain the people skills essential to building positive and productive relationships

No skill is more important to success in your career and personal life than the ability to connect with people. Attend this one-day seminar and you'll be able to understand why people act the way they do, communicate confidently, address differences diplomatically and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors so you can build your circle of influence.

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Handle all kinds of people with tact and skill

  • Know the four behavior styles and learn how to deal with each for best results
  • Recognize the “triggers” that set off difficult people
  • Understand how your attitude toward people affects their behavior
  • Three ways to minimize the impact of a coworker’s negative attitude
  • Learn listening skills to help you hear what’s not being said
  • Two actions that bring out the best in others in every situation
  • Identify subtle ways you may unknowingly be encouraging difficult behavior in others

Build consensus from conflict

  • Understand the best thing to do when an adversary “digs in” and won’t budge
  • Learn a system for taking stock of different positions and resolving them on the spot
  • Recognize when you may be the problem
  • Ensure a win-win outcome — and why it is so important
  • Discover a new way to approach coworkers you’ve never seen eye to eye with
  • Ten questions to ask yourself before a confrontation
  • Determine the differences between healthy vs. unhealthy conflict
  • Survive a conflict with your ego intact
  • Maintain control in the most antagonizing situations
  • Identify and deal with hidden objectives

Say what you mean to get what you want

  • Understand the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive behavior
  • Pinpoint “I” language vs. “bully” language
  • Improve relationships with nonverbal communication skills
  • Master the essential social talents shared by every successful person
  • Encourage one-on-one dialogue
  • Identify ways anger can affect a situation and how to manage it
  • Learn how and when to address sensitive or difficult issues
  • Express a differing opinion with confidence and tact
  • The #1 rule to remember about delivering criticism

Build rapport with practically anybody

  • Learn simple steps to increase your likeability
  • Realize the difference between paying attention and really listening
  • Hone the crucial skills that make every great communicator a great listener
  • Understand hidden forms of communication
  • Four ways for interpreting odd behavior
  • What labeling coworkers says about you — and why
  • Three ways to promote consensus
  • Open the lines of communication with this simple strategy
  • Strengthen rapport in your organization — up and down the ladder
  • Break out of your comfort zone: when to take a communication risk

Tackle tough interpersonal situations with diplomacy and skill

  • Use key phrases to neutralize conflict and smooth out relationships
  • Uncover the real issues beneath interpersonal problems using proven techniques
  • Defuse hostilities before they get out of control using this five-step program
  • Approach known “hot spots” in a way that keeps tempers under control
  • Avoid the difficult situations you must absolutely never take on
  • Learn strategies for getting adversaries to see things from your point of view
  • Recognize when to stand your ground and when to walk away
  • Understand the important first thing to do when people lose their temper
  • Say “no” without alienating colleagues, managers and staff

Sell yourself to others

  • Realize how others see you — your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Understand the ABCs of first impressions
  • Leave a positive impression each time you introduce yourself
  • Discover a simple process for clarifying your values and setting goals for growing your people skills
  • Build rapport quickly with new acquaintances and leave a positive impression every time
  • Learn the secret to making others feel valued, important and comfortable
  • Break out of your comfort zone in unfamiliar settings — and understand why it’s important
  • Avoid being thought of as arrogant when you are just nervous or shy
  • The one universal door-opener to use everywhere
  • Comfortably talk to anybody — even strangers — at professional gatherings
  • What savvy professionals do the day after they’ve met a new contact
  • Dos and don’ts of professional networking

10 Great Reasons to Enroll Today

  1. Gain people skills that smooth out even your rockiest workplace relationships
  2. Become a more valuable employee and team member
  3. Be seen as a problem solver who can work through any challenge
  4. Know how to increase your circle of influence in your department, organization and other professional associations
  5. Be able to defuse conflicts and bring about win-win agreements
  6. Understand how to deal with different behavior styles to achieve positive outcomes
  7. Gain exceptional listening skills that enhance communication and understanding
  8. Learn how to give constructive criticism and have it taken in the right way
  9. Maximize your strengths and be able to eliminate or downplay your weaknesses
  10. Eliminate misunderstandings that leadto hurt feelings and damaged relationships

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