Managing Introverts and Extroverts in the Hybrid Workplace

Balancing needs and communication styles between home and office-based teams

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When the world shut down due to the pandemic, businesses found themselves trying to figure out if working remotely was doable...and somehow, it worked. According to Harvard Business Review, over half of hybrid employees feel maintaining relationships with their team has been possible, but the number dwindles to around 40% when considering employee relationships outside of an employee’s direct team. What’s important to introverts and extroverts when they work in the office? How do those need change in a #WFH setting? This 3.5-hour seminar will investigate and reveal how managers can meet introvert and extrovert team needs while switching between office and home-based settings.

Learn to measure accountability and communicate effectively with all members of your team. Do your introverts prefer to be off-camera? Would an impromptu after-hours virtual happy hour energize your extroverts? How can meetings and project workflows be reimagined to get the most from each personality type?

Learn specific techniques and strategies to employ as a manager that speak to both introverts and extroverts on your team, while meeting their needs and positioning all your employees for success—regardless if working from home, in the office or switching between both environments. This seminar will teach managers how to deal with different personalities and find solutions that work effectively for today’s hybrid work environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Self-evaluate your default tendencies and avoid judging others for their ability or inability to work a certain way.
  • Understand your team and their differences.
  • Recognize which members of your team are introverted or extroverted and what that means for the workplace.
  • Dispel common myths about remote and onsite work and the barriers they create in allowing people to work in the style best for them.
  • Explore the pros and cons of working remotely versus onsite.
  • Learn when to tweak your approach with introverts or extroverts to engage them effectively and support them appropriately.
  • Discover remote and in-person meeting tips for getting the most out of your entire team.
  • Consider work structure and communication changes to maximize productivity for everyone.

Who Will Benefit

Human Resources, managers, supervisors, team leaders, project managers and anyone who may play a part in your organization’s management, supervision and hiring.