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Create Effective Employee Development Plans

Implement employee development plans that enhance strengths, decrease inefficiencies and yield successful results

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.6 CPE: 6 

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1-Day Seminar

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"I have been a member of Fred Pryor for almost three years now and I have yet to attend a class that didn't have valuable information that would benefit my company and/or our employees."

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"Excellent!! As always, Fred Pryor's courses are easy to follow, very informative and presented in a format that keeps your attention!!"

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"I enjoy all of the seminars that I attend through the Fred Pryor Training Rewards program. They are very informative and the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful."

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"Top notch! Thank you Fred Pryor, this is the best investment my boss could have made."

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"I received a lot of great information in this training. Several co-workers went with me which was a great help for me to start implementing some of the changes we need to do at the office. It was very eye opening for them to realize the things that we need to do at the office. It was very eye opening for them to realize the things that need to get to me. It was like Fred Pryor and the trainer had my back!"

— Tasha C.


Cultivating Your Team Members is an Imperative Leadership Quality

It is essential for any leader to develop their employees to achieve exceptional results. The only way to produce extraordinary outcomes is to invest time to grow your staff’s talents. Why doesn’t this happen? It is not always deemed a priority or leaders do not know how to implement a successful plan.

Create Effective Employee Development Plans provides the skills required to align your employees’ career growth with your organization’s mission and vision. This seminar will give you a practical approach for your company’s current and future talent needs, build on every employee’s strengths, increase engagement and develop a committed, talented workforce.

This one-day course will demonstrate how to create a more engaged, skilled and experienced staff that wants to do their best for you and your organization. Enroll in Create Effective Employee Development Plans today and gain skills, strategies and insights that you will use for the rest of your career!

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After attending this seminar you’ll be able to:

  • Prepare your top talent for great opportunities
  • Inspire high performance from employees
  • Build an environment with trust and mutual respect
  • Produce employee development plans
  • Identify specific areas for growth
  • Encourage employee ownership
  • Discuss training and development opportunities that work for each individual’s needs
  • Help employees master skills that will help them each day


What Is Employee Development and Why Does It Matter?

  • Why employee development plans are important . . . and how they lead to greater performance results and job satisfaction
  • Identify your organization’s strengths and shortcomings when it comes to employee development
  • Assess what you are doing right – and wrong – in developing your employees
  • Establish an employee-development culture built on trust, mutual respect and personal responsibility

Getting Started

  • Identify the strengths and gaps in your talent pool’s performance
    • From an organizational standpoint
    • From an individual employee SWOT analysis
  • Assess overall employee willingness for career development opportunities
  • Inspire high performance by letting employees focus on their passions
  • Get under-achieving employees to step up their skills
    • Test whether lack of performance is a skill or will issue
  • Determine potential development activities to grow all employees’ skills
  • Use cross-training and job shadowing among departments and divisions to identify and develop hidden talents
  • Evaluate how to engage and grow your high performers
  • Examine the need for a mentoring/buddy program for developing employees’ skill sets

Create and Communicate an Employee Development Plan

  • Understand the manager’s role and the employee’s role in employee development plans
  • What to consider to help employees reach professional development success
    • Communication needs
    • Resource needs
  • Align employee development goals with organizational mission and vision
  • Identify which type of employee development plan is right for each employee
  • Set accomplishable, measurable goals to encourage employee ownership and engagement
    • Why every employee’s goals should support his or her boss’s goals
    • How collaborating with employees on their goals increases their buy-in and follow-through
  • Discuss training and development opportunities that work for individual employees’ needs
  • Partner with employees to develop an action plan for their own career development

Support and Monitor Employee Development

  • Identify and overcome existing barriers to employee development
    • Systems or procedural issues
    • Personality issues
    • Leadership issues
  • Track employee progression on professional development goals
  • Recognize and reward successes
  • What to do when the development plan isn’t working
    • Intervene and provide constructive feedback
    • Determine whether to revise the original development plan
    • Gain employee commitment and buy-in by letting them find their own answers
  • Make employee development plans a part of your performance management and talent planning processes
  • Use employee development plans as recruiting and retention tools