Leadership, Team-Building and Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Gain winning strategies for leading your team to excellence

1-Day Seminar


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CEU: 0.6 |  

CPE: 6 |  

HRCI: 5.5 |  

PDC: 6  

As a manager, what kind of relationship would you like to have with your employees … Leader? Friend? Teacher? Mentor?

… the person who motivates them, guides them, encourages them and makes them want to win?

Forward-thinking managers have discovered the same skills coaches use to create winners in athletics work in a business setting as well. This innovative one-day team-building seminar is designed to teach you powerful employee coaching methods to turn even problem employees into super productive, motivated winners!

Make your team members want to give 110% — for themselves, and for their team.

You'll instill the kind of energy and enthusiasm that makes productivity soar. How? Supplement your own managerial abilities with compelling employee coaching and counseling skills, and watch the incredible results.

This team-building seminar will teach you step-by-step, how to produce a manager's "game plan" to ensure you'll reach your goals and objectives. Plus, find out how to maximize every employee's abilities … and uncover strengths and talents you never knew existed!

Transform your work group into a cohesive, coordinated team!

Imagine how much your team could accomplish if it functioned as one well-organized unit. This team-building training shows you how to pull everyone together with a shared drive and purpose.

Invest just one day of your time, and the benefits of employee coaching will change your life as a manager; you'll witness an exciting synergy among your employees, mutual support within your group, a sense of interdependence and exchange and, most of all, incredible productivity from your team as a unit.

Leadership, Team Development & Coaching Skills Training

Gain winning strategies for leading your team to excellence!

This innovative one-day seminar is designed to teach you powerful coaching methods to turn even problem employees into super-productive, motivated winners.

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The want-to-win attitude: how to build it

  • A look at your own coaching ability, measured against 20 traits shared by the best athletic coaches
  • How to harness natural competitiveness as a positive, powerful force
  • Four insightful tips for follow-up employee coaching to keep your "players" on track
  • Why you must be demanding … and how to do it the right way
  • Eight techniques to boost enthusiasm — for an individual or the entire team
  • Self-management and empowerment: how to get others to direct and motivate themselves
  • Ways to spot and overcome the anti-management attitude
  • The right touch: how to be supportive without “overmanaging”
  • Confidence and self-esteem: super policies that build up reluctant employees and motivate underachievers
  • Power motivators: the winning secrets of the all-time greatest coaches

Strategy and planning essentials for managers/coaches

  • Your game plan — five simple steps for no-fail, successful plans
  • How to ensure you've got the right people playing the right game: proven strategy tips that work in theory — and in practice
  • As you build your roster — how to spot superstars and problem players, and identify strengths and weaknesses
  • How AI can help you prep for a coaching session
  • How ChatGPT/AI can be used to make better decisions
  • A key formula that ensures you'll make good decisions consistently
  • Snap judgments — clever solutions to maximize your ability to think on your feet
  • How to know if you’re an over-communicator (with four direct actions to help you avoid “over-coaching”)
  • Seven easy strategies that coaches/managers use to deal with pressure — before it escalates to stress and anxiety
  • The "Ex-Dem-Pra" employee coaching model that has motivated millions

How to coach your team

  • Five compelling reasons why your employees want to be part of a team
  • Fifteen ways to transform even the most divided work group into an enthusiastic, winning team
  • Eight symptoms that signal weak or ineffective teams
  • Team-building training that shows you how to recognize individual strengths and organize players into position
  • The secret of winning acceptance as a coach/manager: promoting upward communication on your team
  • Peer conflicts — how to defuse them before they affect the entire work group
  • How to involve antisocial employees and loners
  • When to reward or praise individuals in front of the team
  • How to build loyalty and commitment and make them an integral part of your team’s culture
  • Specific tactics to balance team goals with individual ambitions
  • Ten easy and inexpensive ways to promote great team morale

Coaching and counseling the problem player

  • Is counseling the right approach? The risks and benefits of counseling, from the experts
  • Non-directive counseling: a proven approach that helps employees discover their own solutions
  • Eight steps to positive prevention of employee difficulties
  • How to recognize a developing crisis: 20 signs that point to an escalating problem
  • Ten warning signals an employee has personal problems affecting work performance
  • The “Monday Morning Quarter-back” — how to handle fault-finders and criticizers
  • High-impact coaching skills that deter goof-offs, time-wasters and procrastinators
  • Eight guiding steps to positive discipline and corrective action
  • What to do if nothing works — four final options

How to handle a coaching/counseling session

  • When to attempt employee counseling, and when to leave it to professionals
  • Four subtle actions that encourage people to "open up"
  • Inquiry land mines — three types of questions you should never ask
  • Expert listening skills: the proven method to ensure you really hear what the employee is saying
  • Should you offer your opinion? When to give advice and when to be neutral
  • Tips for separating fact from fiction and faking
  • How to deal with anger, crying and other emotional responses
  • Denial: what to do when someone won't admit to a problem
  • How to reach an agreement and get a firm commitment when you close a counceling session
  • The importance of healing the wounds — how to close on an upbeat, positive note and avoid grudges

Coaching superstars: how to be a manager and a mentor

  • Tips to ensure you recognize employees with great potential
  • Essential techniques for mentoring employees that keep high achievers enthused, challenged and interested
  • Ways to offer constructive criticism to a top performer
  • How to help the high achiever without alienating the team or playing favorites
  • Incentives to offer when you can't give raises or promotions
  • What you should expect to bring to — and take from — a mentor relationship

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