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Leadership & Management Skills for Women

Discover fresh ideas and new techniques to influence, motivate and mentor others

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.6 CPE: 6 

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Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Think of the leaders you admire — both men and women. Great leaders are able to see all sides of an issue, stay calm in the midst of chaos and easily defuse conflicts. Adept at championing their causes, they are charismatic public speakers, persuasive communicators and empathetic listeners. To top it off, they usually possess strong organizational and delegation skills.

Great leaders bring out the best in others because they know how to build trust, encourage confidence and command respect. Most important, however, is the ability of great leaders to inspire others to want to follow their initiatives, adapt their ideas and perform above and beyond their own capabilities on a regular basis. How can you become a more powerful, effective and respected leader?

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Leadership with a woman's touch …

This seminar will empower you, inspire you, and boost your confidence as a leader. Through real-world case studies, eye-opening exercises, and spirited discussion, you will learn how to bring out the best in your people, and lead from a position of firmness, fairness, and quiet strength.

  • Discover the areas where women traditionally lack power as leaders, and learn how to overcome common obstacles to success
  • Take a look at how women leaders at today's top corporations make the most of their influence and visibility
  • See how you can become the type of leader who inspires loyalty, deep commitment, and exceptional achievement

True leaders are able to accomplish their goals and make a difference in the world even as they stay true to their personal values, ethics, and beliefs. Join us for this empowering, exciting day of training … and come away with a renewed sense of optimism, a firmer commitment to yourself and your career, and the practical knowledge to make it all happen.


Determining Your Leadership “IQ” — How Much Do You Really Know?

  • The characteristics of effective leaders in the 21st century workplace (Hint: they’re not what they once were)
  • What women bring to the leadership role: a look at our unique contributions
  • The traits that help us or hold us back — and why
  • How to find out which of the many myths and stereotypes are working against you
  • Five characteristics all successful women leaders share — and how to cultivate them in yourself

Discovering Your Leadership Style — It’s as Individual as You Are!

  • How to identify your own unique leadership style and use it to your advantage
  • Why you should understand and appreciate other leadership styles — even if they aren’t right for you
  • Emotional Intelligence: its role in leadership, and why many women have a natural edge here
  • How to overcome or minimize your leadership weaknesses while capitalizing on your strengths
  • A look at personality traits and how they affect leadership style

Positioning Yourself as a Powerful, Effective Leader

  • How to overcome fear and female stereotypes
  • Tips for adapting your leadership style to either gender
  • What you should know about working with different age groups: Veterans, Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials
  • How to wield your natural leadership powers more effectively
  • Office politics: strategies for avoiding potential minefields and remaining a “neutral party”
  • How to use informal lines of power to boost your leadership status
  • The art of dealing with power plays — without losing your “femininity”

Strengthening Your Personal Leadership Style

  • How to put an end to traditional myths and stereotypes about “women leaders”
  • Your leadership present and future — why you should know and capitalize on the strengths of your leadership style
  • The image of a leader — strategies for coming across as authoritative, self-possessed, and in control
  • Why it’s important to increase your influence and power without succumbing to dirty office politics
  • How to become known for your sound decision-making and savvy problem-solving skills
  • Ways to neutralize conflict between individuals, teams, and departments — and channel it productively
  • Negotiation skills that put you on the path to success and bring win-win agreement every time

Developing the High-Impact Communication Skills Every Leader Must Have

  • Tips for messages that really come across: creating communications that move others to act
  • The nervous presenter — how to stay calm when presenting ideas to top management and let your natural expertise, professionalism, and style show through
  • Five ways to make a powerful, positive impact at a meeting
  • Hints to help you shatter the old cliché of the “aggressive woman” and assert yourself without seeming pushy
  • How to listen for power and influence — instead of empathy!

Leading Your Team Successfully

  • Relationship-building skills that will rally your “troops,” boost morale, and get people to trust and respect one another
  • How to manage expectations and reduce surprises
  • The dos and don’ts of leading others
  • Guidelines for developing long- and short-term strategies for leading
  • How to make motivating and mentoring work for you and the team
  • Simple techniques that bring out the best in your team members
  • Praise, rewards and recognition — how to show you value your team members and encourage them to perform at their peak

Planning and Organizing — Essential Leadership Tools,

  • How to quit letting things happen, set goals and take charge of the future
  • Why the superwoman role is a bad idea — and how to set priorities that make sense
  • The Wise Use Movement: making time work to your advantage as you move toward your goals
  • Succession Planning: what it is, why all good leaders use it, and how you can use it too