How to Write Killer Copy

Audience, message, conversion, SEO, copyright law and more

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Writing compelling copy centers on making a connection with the reader. In today's multimedia assault on the senses, it's harder than ever to compete for attention and cut through the clutter to have your message resonate. Readers don't have time to search for hidden benefits or slog through bloated prose. As a copywriter, your job is to grab them, hold their attention and convince them to take action - all within a few paragraphs (or pithy 140-character tweet).

Transform from writer to highly effective copywriter

  • Find your writing voice — tools and strategies for tapping in to your unique style
  • Avoid copywriting mistakes that muddle your message, confuse readers and drive off sales
  • Use words to create imagery, evoke feelings and provoke action
  • Understand writer’s block: what it is, why it happens and the best ways to beat it
  • Write for the web: blogs, landing pages, social media and more
  • Learn how web copy does and doesn’t impact SEO
  • Master effective direct marketing techniques: brochures, postcards, sales letters and outer envelopes
  • Find out how to increase your email opens and create messages that generate responses
  • Recognize crucial differences between copy that’s spoken aloud and copy that’s read
  • Understand the legalities involved in copywriting

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Your business looks to you for financial leadership. This intensive workshop will help you tackle a broad range of financial issues head on, from monitoring controls and cash flow to advising upper management on purchases, hiring, expansion, and other areas that are directly affected by financial performance.

When we say “hands on,” we mean it

This workshop isn’t about passive listening or rote learning. It’s about doing: analyzing examples, dissecting other professionals’ work, participating in eye-opening exercises, taking part in stimulating discussion and practicing new writing skills. In one day, gain valuable insights into the copywriting craft from a unique, hands-on perspective, which other courses of a similar nature just don’t provide.

Spend one-day side by side with copywriters, marketers, ad execs, graphic designers, editors, art directors, web designers, bloggers and other professionals looking to improve and expand their writing repertoire. Examine the nuts and bolts of the writing craft and master the secrets of writing engaging, results-focused copy. This course is for people who are serious about honing their writing skills and taking their abilities to the next level.


Nuts and Bolts of the Copywriting Process

  • Edit, review and proofread with speed and accuracy
  • Find your writing voice — tips and tools for tapping in to your unique style
  • Foolproof strategies, tips and tools to generate loads of creative ideas (even when you’re feeling stuck)
  • Writer’s block: what it is, why it happens, best ways to beat it
  • Using words to create imagery, evoke feelings and provoke action
  • How to take risks and embrace bold, innovative ideas

Writing Techniques to Add Style and Substance

  • Play up your unique selling position and make your offer irresistible for conversion
  • Learn words that add interest and meaning
  • Copywriting red flags to avoid
  • Techniques for bringing dry, dull copy to life
  • Word power: less is more. Choose the right words to convey your message every time
  • Tone down the hype and establish credibility
  • Features vs. benefits: learn to focus on features while selling the benefits

Your Audience - Who Are You Writing to?

  • Who is your audience? What are their interests and desires? What actions do you want them to take?
  • Discover the psychological truths behind why people buy — and why they don’t
  • Learn writing strategies for instantly establishing credibility and gaining readers’ trust
  • Informative copy vs. persuasive copy: use the right one at the right time
  • The top copywriting mistakes that muddle your message, confuse readers and drive off sales
  • How to write for different age groups: language, phrases, colloquialisms and more that appeal to one group and not another (i.e.: gen-Xers vs. boomers vs. millennials)

Production Tips, Tools and Techniques to Take Your Work From Design to Completion

  • Tips for moving between media: brochures, letters, press releases, etc.
  • The critical components for creating a successful press release
  • Secrets of effective direct marketing: brochures, post cards, sales letters and outer envelopes
  • Explore the anatomy of a great ad and learn from infamous “mad men” advertisers.
  • Best practices for writing copy for each type of media

Writing for the Web

  • How to write for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) copy
  • Violate these online rules and your website could be banned from Google™ forever
  • How to assimilate keywords into your copy without sounding forced
  • Subject lines that will increase click-through and email open rates
  • Learn the art of writing tweets, posts, blogs and other social media communications
  • How to write for websites: writing home pages vs. landing pages

Keeping it Legal: Copywriting and the Law

  • Ethical copywriting — what this means to you as a writer
  • How to use and credit testimonials and other’s work
  • Plagiarism vs. Copyright infringement
  • The New York Times vs. Sullivan: how this landmark decision affected Freedom of the Press
  • Federal penalties for plagiarism (may include jail time)
  • Are parodies legal or illegal?
  • What you should know about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 and how to use the Copyright symbol ©
  • Guidelines for gaining permission, using images online and using others' names and companies in your work
  • What “public domain” means and how to tell which materials are considered in the public domain