How to Manage Diversity in the Workplace

Develop the communication skills you need to build a safe, positive workplace for everyone

1-Day Seminar

Credits – 

CEU: 0.6 |  

CPE: 6 |  

HRCI: 5.5 |  

PDC: 6  

There are numerous ways managing diversity can add value to organizations and bring a competitive edge to the workplace. Some benefits that will come from this diversity training are; increasing an openness to differences in others, maximize listening skills, be mindful of various cultural differences and increased communication skills.

In this course, participants will learn:

  • What diversity is and why it is important in today’s work environment
  • Why diversity awareness makes good business sense
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Resolving conflict—strategies for valuing and managing diversity-based disagreements
  • How to get a point across clearly and positively in a diverse workplace
  • How to measure personal and organizational growth toward diversity awareness

Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace...

  • Defining diversity - why traditional definitions may not prepare us for today’s workplace
  • Developing listening skills—understanding the message in a diverse environment
  • Capitalizing on diversity—acknowledging the value of a different perspective in the decision-making process
  • Maintaining a safe workplace—responding to defensiveness and inappropriate humor
  • Establishing a plan of action—identifying opportunities for growth in every organization
  • Identifying barriers to diversity—recognizing procedural and personal obstacles to change

As a result of this training… This seminar will help your staff communicate and interact effectively with coworkers whose background, culture or personality may be different from their own. The result is a more harmonious and enjoyable work environment for all. You have our written guarantee of complete satisfaction.

How to Manage Diversity in the Workplace

Develop the communication skills you need to build a safe, positive workplace for everyone

Commitment to diversity awareness is a vital strategy for both positive personal growth and productive business growth. In this dynamic, one-day program, your employees will develop their own awareness of and sensitivity to the wide variety of individuals that surround them every day.

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Building Awareness

  • Define diversity
  • Providing a competitive edge
  • Measuring awareness
  • Understanding afirmative action and diversity

Strengthening Communication

  • Identifying cultural values
  • Recognizing elements of diversity
  • Interacting effectively with others
  • Tuning listening skills to diversity
  • Avoiding cultural blunders

Developing a Winning Team

  • Capitalization on team member diversity
  • Determine shared values
  • Interacting effectively with others
  • Getting beyond biases

Resolving Conflict

  • Working with conflict resolution styles
  • Managing diversity-based conflict
  • Minimizing defensiveness
  • Handling inappropriate humor
  • Addressing offensive behavior

Creating a Plan for Action

  • Establishing a personal diversity vision
  • Identifying barriers to diversity
  • Determining how to make a difference
  • Planning for action

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