Easily Master Microsoft® Excel® PivotTables®

An interactive learning session for beginning to intermediate Excel users

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.3 

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As one of Microsoft Excel’s most powerful and intimidating tools, a PivotTable takes large sets of complex data from a more extensive table and groups that information together in a simplified and meaningful way. Learn to easily create, use, manipulate and draw insights from PivotTables with this 3-hour interactive seminar for users of Microsoft Excel.

PivotTables summarize data to allow exploration of trends based on input information. The tool gets its name from the user’s ability to manipulate, or pivot, data in the table in order to view it from different perspectives to reveal useful information and glean relevant conclusions from bulk data more easily. Whether you’re tasked with submitting a large budget analysis, or developing insights from a colleague’s data set, gain the knowledge and the confidence needed to create, organize and use PivotTables confidently and independently.

What You'll Learn

  • Discover what PivotTables are, along with when and how to use them.
  • Recognize how PivotTables are integral to simplifying data analysis.
  • Understand common terminology and features, along with how best to prepare worksheet data.
  • Create PivotTables and PivotCharts® from scratch, as well as change data, perform calculations and design compelling reports.
  • Explore how to group Text, Numeric, Date and Time Values, along with Sort and Filter options.
  • Add Slicers and a Timelines and turn boring data into an easier to read visual.
  • Review new tools to analyze data.
  • How to create a compelling and easily understood knockout report.