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Comprehensive Training for HR Managers (2-Day)

From legal hassles to interpersonal disputes, benefits to compensation issues, master the many diverse components of successful Human Resources management

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 1.2 CPE: 12 HRCI: 11 PDC: 12 

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2-Day Seminar


$379 for groups of 3 or more

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"I have been a member of Fred Pryor for almost three years now and I have yet to attend a class that didn't have valuable information that would benefit my company and/or our employees."

— Teri M.

"Excellent!! As always, Fred Pryor's courses are easy to follow, very informative and presented in a format that keeps your attention!!"

— Cynthia S.

"I enjoy all of the seminars that I attend through the Fred Pryor Training Rewards program. They are very informative and the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful."

— Tasha M.

"Excellent info for all levels of users. There are always things to add to your "bag of tricks"."

— Wendy S.

"Wow! I have taken many wonderful courses through Fred Pryor; this one takes the cake!!"

— Dana N.

"Top notch! Thank you Fred Pryor, this is the best investment my boss could have made."

— Lewis C.

"I received a lot of great information in this training. Several co-workers went with me which was a great help for me to start implementing some of the changes we need to do at the office. It was very eye opening for them to realize the things that we need to do at the office. It was very eye opening for them to realize the things that need to get to me. It was like Fred Pryor and the trainer had my back!"

— Tasha C.


The most comprehensive course for Human Resources managers helps you …

  • Keep your organization out of hot water with new employment laws
  • Discover how new privacy rules could affect your company health insurance
  • Sidestep the recruiting hot spots that could cost your company a bundle
  • Understand your organization's liability in the event of violence in the workplace
  • Investigate sexual harassment claims tactfully and legally
  • Ensure that your organization's disciplinary process isn't discriminatory
  • Establish dismissal guidelines that will hold up in court
  • Discover more of the information you need every day on the job

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Two days of comprehensive training in the most difficult job of all — Human Resources.

As a Human Resources professional, you're on the front line of your organization every day — fighting to stay focused on a moving target. It seems like employment laws are continually being created or revised. Benefits administration is a confusing challenge with unending questions from employees and constant roadblocks by the insurance companies. Then there are the hassles of record keeping, hiring, disciplinary action, documentation — the list is endless and so are the pressures.

Each day, when you come in to work, you may wonder, "Will this be the day I make a mistake that lands my company in legal hot water? Will this be the day a misunderstanding costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars?" It's a lot of responsibility, and you feel the weight of every ounce.

More than anyone, you know how helpful this seminar could be. In this comprehensive training, we'll cover the many different aspects of your job and arm you with the skills you need to succeed in the demanding field of Human Resources. You'll come away with a wealth of practical tips, sensible guidelines and valuable techniques to meet the real-life challenges you face every day.


The Law and Employment

  • Surprising information about who's eligible for overtime pay
  • How to calculate overtime now — it has changed, and it's not simple
  • The employee who doesn't want the transfer — can your company legally enforce it?
  • Military service and active duty — can they be considered family leave?
  • Is it ever illegal for an employee to hold a second job while on leave from your company?
  • The key to replacing the aging workforce without breaking the law
  • Is your employee handbook consistent with the latest changes in employment law?

Discrimination and Compliance

  • The latest on the ADA Amendments Act and how reforms impact your company
  • Danger areas for age discrimination — how to be sure your company is legally safe
  • Why your website should be in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act
  • Visible vs. perceived disabilities — the differences may affect the way you treat applicants and employees
  • What you must do to accommodate hearing-impaired applicants
  • Genetic testing: a question of legality
  • The real meaning of "reasonable accommodation"
  • Strategies for coordinating short- and long-term disability with ADA, FMLA and workers' comp
  • Reverse discrimination — could your organization be found guilty?

Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring

  • When you must require medical certification, make inquiries and document your findings
  • Changes to ensure your job application forms are discrimination-proof
  • How to test applicants legally
  • Social media as a recruitment tool
  • Define terms of use for social media
  • Tips that turn a job description into your company's most powerful tool in the hiring process
  • Dos and don'ts for the interview process — questions you must never ask
  • Reference checking — how to legally get the information you want
  • Two recruitment enticements you can add without cost
  • The legal landmine of employee contractual commitments
  • Why non-compete agreements aren't holding up in court
  • Guidelines for walking the legal tightrope of managing contract labor

Benefits Administration and Management

  • New privacy rules regarding health insurance
  • Situations in which medical authorization forms are not required
  • What you're responsible for if a former employee is late with COBRA payments
  • When an accident should be considered a worker's comp claim
  • Workers' Comp: what to do if an employee is injured at a company social function
  • Health insurance your company is required by law to provide
  • How to handle COBRA benefits when an employee divorces
  • What you should know about disabled employees seeking early social security qualification
  • Changes in how the IRS sees cafeteria benefit plans
  • The latest on domestic partner qualification — how it affects benefits eligibility
  • When — and how — your company should provide bereavement support

Best Practices in Human Resource Management

  • The No. 1 communication skill you need in Human Resources
  • Three things you can do to make your company one of the "top places to work"
  • Human Resources functions you should consider outsourcing, and which ones absolutely must not be outsourced
  • Workplace bullying and your organization's liability
  • How your dress code may inadvertently discriminate
  • Steps you can take to handle employee grief when coworkers are downsized

Handling Employment Hot Spots

  • A closer look at companywide diversity training
  • Proactive ways to protect your organization and employees from workplace violence
  • Tips to reduce your company's liability in the event of workplace violence
  • Depression in the workplace and how to deal with it
  • OSHA and the General Duty clause — your company's responsibilities now
  • When workplace violence is considered an OSHA violation
  • Drug and alcohol testing — what's legal, what's not
  • ADA protections of substance abusers and how not to put your company at risk
  • Liability in drug testing — how to protect your company
  • The best way to successfully and tactfully investigate sexual harassment claims
  • How the EEOC defines a "hostile work environment" — it goes beyond sexual harassment
  • Ways to limit your company's liability in the event customers or vendors harass your employees
  • What the court says about victims of harassment and adverse employment actions

Discipline and Discharge

  • The 360 degree feedback and performance appraisals — good or bad?
  • The subtle way your organization might be guilty of discrimination in the disciplinary process
  • How to document disciplinary actions to protect your company
  • Termination guidelines that hold up in court

Observing the Letter of the Law

  • The latest on arbitration agreements: how to avoid having a favorable decision thrown out
  • Defamation of character — is your company liable for comments made by an employee?
  • How the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) affects your organization's responsibilities if you downsize
  • What documentation you must provide, what to keep, what to destroy
  • And much, much more that will clear up the gray areas and make you more valuable on the job