Compliant Records Management

Critical record-keeping practices to increase efficiency and avoid legal liability

Continuing Education Credits: CEU: 0.3 

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Do your employees know the proper procedure for file maintenance? The process of organizing, storing, archiving and destroying an organization's critical documents is daunting and taxed with liability. Not only is it important to know what information is stored and where; it's imperative that a records management program keeps the organization in compliance with government regulations. One misstep places an organization in legal jeopardy and risks fines, investigation and potential litigation.

This power-packed, half-day interactive online event delivers the basics and conveys specific strategies and solutions around record retention and management. Develop a records retention and destruction process to save time and effort in retrieving, archiving and destroying documents. Take control of your organization’s files, documents and data and save time and potential legal arguments. Gain the insight needed to classify records, files and documents, while knowing what to keep vs. eliminate — without risking legal repercussions.

This seminar provides an understanding of what’s needed to create a compliant HR records management program and how to keep the program up to date. Ensure your organization adheres to the policies and procedures you implement, while keeping the company running smoothly and efficiently, and maintaining legal compliance.

What You'll Learn

  • Strategies to develop a compliant and cohesive Records Management Program.
  • How to determine record importance and legal sensitivity.
  • Guidelines for access, retrieval, storage and disposal of both paper and electronic files.
  • Why email, voicemail and IMs may qualify as records.
  • Safeguards for web content, including blogs, cookies and more, along with how web regulations may affect the security of information.
  • The risks of removable media and the benefits of monitoring copy, scanner and fax use.
  • The lifecycle of a record — how to determine a record's retention and storage period.
  • Methods to recognize a variety of government organizations and resources that can help facilitate a system that works for your organization.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone directly responsible for developing and/or maintaining an effective records retention, access, and destruction program for their organizations. Controllers, Accountants, Medical Records Professionals, Legal Professionals, Administrators, IT Staff, Financial Professionals, HR Managers/Staff, Small Business Owners, Bookkeepers, CEOs, and COOs.