Coaching Skills and Leadership Lessons

Strategies to build a motivated team

Half-Day Seminar


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Think about the kind of relationship you want to have with your team. Leader. Friend. Coach. Mentor.

Forward-thinking managers and leaders know key coaching skills work outside the team huddle and in business settings as well. This insightful 3-hour team-building seminar is designed to convey powerful coaching lessons destined to turn unmotivated employees into productive and motivated team players.

What kind of energy and enthusiasm makes productivity soar? How can you supplement your own leadership abilities with employee coaching and counseling skills to initiate positive behavior change? Learn how to enhance your skills as a leader with step-by-step take-aways to produce a "game plan" to reach goals and objectives. You’ll learn how to maximize innate ability, as well as uncover untapped strengths and talents within your team..

Building a cohesive team is essential to any successful organization. Even more critical during a time where leaders have existing teams that have changed significantly. This seminar shows you how to motivate and achieve around a shared goal and purpose.

Invest just a half day of your time, and the benefits of employee coaching will change your life as a manager . You’ll witness an exciting synergy among your employees, mutual support within your group, a sense of interdependence and exchange - and incredible productivity and success from your team and organization.

Coaching Skills and Leadership Lessons

Strategies to build a motivated team

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  • What is team building?
  • Understand the importance of your role as coach and leader.
  • Create a system to properly analyze and coach your team to success.
  • Handle a one-on-one coaching session with a "problem player" with success.
  • Determine what each player specifically needs to become a superstar.
  • Identify the difference between Delegating vs. Dumping.
  • Learn secrets of the world's greatest coaches. (or could change to match the SEO language "Tips on how to coach".
  • Write an Individually Customized Improvement Plan to maximize the performance for each of your employees.

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