Advanced Microsoft® Excel®-Macros, PivotTables, Charts and More

Understand and unleash the power of Excel's most complex capabilities

1-Day Seminar


Credits – 

CEU: 0.6 |  

CPE: 6 |  

PDU: 6  

Harness all the power and potential Excel has to offer …

The basics of Excel aren't difficult to grasp … but mastering advanced techniques can be trickier. In fact, unless you are adept at deciphering complex manuals, have loads of extra time for tutorials or possess a strong motivation for self-learning, you may find boosting your skills and knowledge of Excel is easier said than done. Until now, that is! Advanced Microsoft Excel training gives you an exceptional amount of concentrated information in just one extraordinary day of training.

Attend this extraordinary, information-packed program, and learn how to:
  • Apply simple macros in advanced ways
  • Error check and protect your data
  • Use Excel's robust collaboration tools to share data across teams and workgroups
  • Filter, query and analyze data
  • Use LOOKUP and database functions
  • Put PivotTables to work
  • Share and collaborate on workbooks
  • Create user-friendly forms from scratch
  • Design and format advanced charts
Kick Your Excel Skills Up a Notch …

If you're comfortable building a worksheet, using cells, entering data and creating basic formulas, this program will take you to the next level of Excel expertise. Instead of hovering at the "tip of the iceberg," you'll drill down through Excel's complex capabilities and discover how easily you can expand your knowledge base to become a more confident, capable user.

This course is jam-packed with skills, tools, ideas and strategies gathered from professional users, tech experts and Excel gurus who know this application inside and out. You won't waste time rehashing how to create spreadsheets, input data, perform basic mathematical calculations, save workbooks or edit cells. Instead, this training builds on what you already know, focusing on the advanced techniques that will take your skills to the next level. Your trainer is an accomplished Excel expert who will walk you through dozens of time-saving shortcuts, smart strategies and more with a helpful mix of computer-screen projections, demonstrations, instructor-led exercises and plenty of Q & A time. You'll get practical, real-world answers to your toughest Excel questions and challenges, and come away from this course ready and able to put your new skills to work the very next day.

Gain all this and more in just one day of concentrated learning!
Advanced Microsoft® Excel® Training  - Macros, PivotTables, Charts

Understand and unleash the power of Excel’s most complex capabilities

In just one day of in-depth, focused training, go beyond Excel basics and expand your knowledge of this powerful program! This program will take you to the next level of Microsoft Excel expertise. Discover how easily you can expand your knowledge base to become a more confident, capable user.

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Master Advanced Macros

  • Learn to create customized macro toolbars featuring your most frequently used tools

Manage Your Data

  • Learn how to create data forms for viewing and entering information
  • Enter — or allow others to enter — data into a user-friendly form
  • Review individual records easily, or view only records that meet specific criteria
  • Discover the power of Backstage view

Filter, Query and Analyze Data

  • Learn tips, tools and tricks for getting the most out of AutoFilters, Custom AutoFilters and Advanced Filters
  • Find out how to search for spreadsheet data that fits within specific parameters
  • Discover menu options that allow you to select filtering criteria from your data set with just a few simple clicks
  • Specify a single criterion, or combine two or more to create a custom search of your data
  • Use AND/OR commands to extract data that meets your criteria in a whole new range
  • Create new data ranges on the fly to use with advanced filters so you can extract exactly the information you need
  • Add sparklines to show trends in a series of values, such as seasonal increases or decreases

Use Lookup and Database Functions

  • Add power and flexibility to your formulas by enabling Excel to search out data for you
  • Manage large data lists by performing calculations only on the data you specify
  • Use Excel to perform new lookups and dynamically update your calculation results

Put PivotTables to Work

  • Discover how PivotTables can help you get the most out of your data
  • Use AutoFormat to create your PivotTable quickly and easily
  • Learn how to modify or update a PivotTable
  • Control how and where your PivotTable data is displayed
  • Display your data using a PivotChart®

Get to Know the Analysis Toolpak

  • Find out what tools are included in this valuable resource
  • Learn to use Excel's advanced data analysis tools to return a multitude of statistics about your data in just a few keystrokes
  • Use Excel's built-in utilities to analyze correlations in your data

Share Excel with Colleagues and Co-Authors

  • Use Excel's robust collaboration tools to control access to shared spreadsheets
  • Understand the different ways to share your spreadsheets with associates and coworkers
  • Comment on specific cells within a given sheet
  • Easily track and review changes made by multiple users
  • Seamlessly integrate Excel with other applications, the Internet and your organization's intranet

Explore Custom Views, Formatting and Report Manager

  • Discover how to create different display and print settings for the same worksheet — or apply the settings to multiple worksheets
  • Manage saved custom views
  • Expand your knowledge of charts and graphs to create eye-popping graphic images
  • Master formatting effects to make your pages look like you spent hours — when all it took was a few mouse clicks!
  • Apply different Data Bars, Color Scales and Icon Sets to your cell selections using conditional formatting

*NOTE: This is not a hands-on workshop. Instead, you'll learn via "computer-less" training that makes every moment count.

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