Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Word 2013

Interactive tutorials designed to take you from beginner to expert

Learn everything you need to know to create attractive and professional documents in Microsoft Word. In just a few lessons, you'll harness the power of Word and do more than just open a document and start typing. Throughout this course, you'll learn insider secrets and time-savers that some advanced users don't know about.

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Word teaches how to apply text formatting; work with bullets and numbering; control page setup with margins, columns, headers and footers; work with images, charts and diagrams; work in track changes mode; compare documents; and more!

Also included in this information packed course:

  • Printable Reference Guides
  • Real-World Practice Exercises
  • Hot Tips and Shortcuts
  • Pre- and Post-Tests
  • Great for MOS Prep
Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Word Tutorial (2010,2013,2016)

Microsoft Word is one of the most powerful word processing tools ever created. And even with all its power, it can be amazingly simple to use — once you know what to do.