Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft 2010 Suite 10-User License

Interactive Training

Get plugged into these 5 power-packed, interactive programs packaged on one space-saving and reusable USB flash drive. You will have 15 interactive tutorials at your fingertips and 2 gigabytes of storage; there's plenty of space left over to store your own notes and information.

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All interactive programs include:

  • Interactive lessons and tutorials
  • Pre and Post tests to monitor your progress
  • Printable reference guides for a quick reminder of each lesson
  • Hot tips and shortcuts to save you time
  • Real-world practice examples you can use right away
Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Office Suite (2010,2013,2016)

Learn how to set up Microsoft Office applications — Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook — to meet your personal needs at work or at home. Whether you are new at working with these programs or already an experienced user, these unique and powerful tools will show you how to customize their many features so they work for you today!

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Excel®

Don't spend another day crunching numbers the hard way! These 3 interactive tutorials will help you learn to make the most of your data while saving precious hours each day. This program is filled with powerful tools and time-saving shortcuts that will have users of any level working like experts in no time.

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Access®

From tables and forms to queries and custom reports, these 3 interactive tutorials will take you from simply navigating the Access environment to building complex calculations into queries with ease. Users of all levels will find the step-by-step process simple, straightforward and results-producing!

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Word

Never before has word processing been this easy! Even if you think you have a solid grasp on the basic functions and uses of Microsoft Word, these 3 interactive tutorials will show you insider secrets and time-savers that some advanced users don't even know about!

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft PowerPoint®

Punch up your presentations and bring your slides to life! Don't struggle another day searching for ways to make your slideshow more powerful. Find out how to use text, images, animations, transitions, diagrams and more to create professional, seamless presentations!

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Outlook®

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used e-mail program today. But are you making it work for you? This powerful tutorial will teach you how to simplify your day and streamline your e-mail to save you precious time. Don't just send e-mail; learn to use calendaring, notes, instant messaging, activities, contacts lists and more to your advantage!