Polish your image, perfect your telephone skills and increase your value to your organization

Learn how to adapt to change, polish your image, perfect your telephone skills, and increase your value to your organization. You'll also discover how to manage the stress that comes naturally with your hectic schedule — and enjoy your job more in the process.

You'll learn …

  • Four key strengths of a receptionist's position within the organization
  • What employers look for in a receptionist
  • Four barriers to effective communication
  • Four powerful organizational skills
  • How to manage stress and anxiety
  • And much more!
The Exceptional Receptionist - Secretary Training

As a receptionist, you are the gatekeeper, greeter, manager, and host of your organization. With such an essential role, you need to be able to accomplish these tasks with confidence and efficiency. The Exceptional Receptionist is your guide to taking your skills to the next level.