Templates for Today's Time-Crunched Professional

Improve efficiency with time management training

The class provides easy-to-use, easy-to-customize templates, forms and checklists that are ideal for new managers and supervisors or anyone who wants to improve management skills and efficiency.

This time management training program will help managers to:

  • Curb procrastination and tackle disruptive interruptions and tasks
  • Efficiently manage multiple projects, priorities, and work teams
  • Eliminate time-wasting meetings and create effective meeting plans
  • Expertly track team time, deadlines, progress, and productivity

This workshop contains the following management tools:

  • Forms, guidelines and checklists for getting (and staying) organized
  • Project implementation charts and tracking systems
  • Priority and resource management organizers
  • Meeting and communication planning worksheets
  • Records management checklists
  • Staffing, workload and productivity templates
  • And more
Templates for Today's Time-Crunched Professional

Are you being asked to do more with less? Through this course you will learn to streamline your work and achieve success by managing time, delegating tasks and staffing more effectively.