Taking Control of Your Workday

How to achieve more in less time — with less stress

With the skills you learn from this program, you'll have more time for yourself when your workday is finished — plus the energy to enjoy it.

You'll learn …

  • Realistic ways to decrease interruptions by 30% or more
  • A simple approach to create a daily plan that ensures results
  • Creative ways to process paperwork
  • A 7-step checklist that keeps you on course throughout the day
  • The time-protecting reply to "Got a minute?"
  • Effective methods for keeping meetings short and focused

Let this program help you identify and maximize your most productive work time while promoting proactive communication among you and your team. Don't let your workday overwhelm you — take control and see results!

Taking Control of Your Workday - Time Management

This program teaches you how to accomplish your own priorities without ignoring other people's demands. You'll learn how to overcome the distractions that can sabotage your best intentions, decide and organize priorities efficiently and combat the worst cases of procrastination.