Stress Management For Women

Learn how to beat stress-caused tension, frustration, and fatigue, while changing forever the way you manage your active and demanding life!

Women have unique sources of stress in their lives — multiple-role conflicts, an inability to say "no" to colleagues or family members, perfectionism, the need to prove yourself, and the drive to "do it all." This program gives you the strategies to get through these stressful situations and many more!

In this informative and lively program, you'll learn how to …

  • Handle pressure and crises without losing your cool
  • Manage "self-induced" stress triggers
  • Learn the five most common causes for stress in working women
  • Self-treat and overcome the physical symptoms of stress
  • Project a cool and confident image (and really feel it)
  • Reduce stress immediately
  • And much more!
Stress Management for Women

Sometimes you can't avoid high-pressure situations, but you can greatly reduce the chance of overstress if you know a few ingenious methods to keep tension and anxiety in check. Stress Management for Women is just the resource you need to bring relief to your hectic lifestyle, and make life fun to live once again!