Simple Scripts to Say "No" Without Guilt

Have you ever had trouble saying "no" to the requests of a demanding boss, needy coworker, clingy friend, impulsive spouse, or whiny child?

Learn how to …

  • Say "no" to your boss's unrealistic deadline
  • Deal with coworkers who depend on you to pick up the slack, or ask you to chip in for expensive gifts
  • Refuse a customer's impossible request
  • Object to your spouse's poor financial decision
  • Respond to your child's begging
  • Turn down a friend's demands on your time

Simple Scripts to Say "No" Without Guilt is a fun, positive, motivational program what helps you build the skills and confidence to say "no" when you need to, and to communicate honestly and effectively with coworkers, bosses, friends, family members, and clients.

Simple Scripts Audio CD Training

It's tough to say "no" when you're put on the spot, and Simple Scripts to Say "No" Without Guilt shows you exactly how to respond with dignity, diplomacy, and poise.