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If you're like many women, you deserve more than you allow yourself to expect. A deeply false sense of unworthiness stands in your way. Self-Esteem for Women will help you overcome it.

In this compassionate program, presenter Julie White unravels the painful tangle of low self-esteem. You'll explore its root causes and practical suggestions for building a more positive self-image from the inside out.

You'll laugh, you'll have fun — and most of all, you'll gain a more accurate, hopeful, and empowering picture of who you really are. Strengthen your sense of self-worth and self-respect — and begin to experience a more enriching life immediately!

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Program Highlights

  • Why attacking yourself is often less painful than exposing yourself to attack from others
  • How to open your mind to new possibilities
  • The importance of "confiding relationships"
  • How to recognize your own growth and success
  • The telltale signs of self-defeating thinking
  • Why eliminating negative self-talk is even more powerful than increasing positive self-talk

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Self-Esteem for Women
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