Self-Discipline And Emotional Control

How to stay calm and productive under pressure


This powerful system is based on rational-emotive behavior therapy, which uses some of the most effective tools in modern psychology. Presented by Dr. Tom Miller, this program will give you strategies to help you handle crises and reduce stress, methods for reducing compulsive behavior (ideal for weight control) and techniques to remain in control and ease pressure.

You'll learn to …

  • Change the bad habits you've struggled with — and adopt new, constructive behavior patterns
  • Face irrational fears with renewed courage and confidence
  • Control "hotheadedness" and other overly reactive behaviors
  • Get over your feelings of pain, guilt, inadequacy or anxiety
  • Handle conflicts, arguments, and other distressing situations rationally and productively
  • Act and react the way you know you "should" — even when it's difficult
  • Reduce your stress and enjoy life more

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Self-Discipline And Emotional Control
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Self-Discipline and Emotional Control
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