From managing your calendar to maximizing email efficiency, this illustrated reference guide will walk you through every click

While most professionals understand the basics of scheduling meetings or sending and receiving emails, they usually aren't utilizing all the time-saving features this powerful program has to offer. So, we've developed this valuable reference guide to help you do your job more effectively by customizing your calendar, managing meeting requests, shortening the time spent on repetitive tasks, and making this program work even harder for you!

From menu shortcuts, to-do options, and color categorization to calendar permissions, message filtering, and email archiving, this reference guide is packed with tips and strategies to help you troubleshoot frustrating Outlook issues and automatically format your calendar and inbox to save you hours every week. You'll easily navigate each helpful tip through colorful illustrations, corresponding icons, difficulty scales, and step-by-step screenshots.

QuickClicks Reference Guide Microsoft Outlook (2010,2013,2016)

Organizations rely on Microsoft Outlook for internal and external meeting planning and email communication. It's used daily to ensure employees are informed, promote collaboration between coworkers, convey important information to vendors or clients, and keep business moving at a steady pace.