QuickClicks Office 2010 Collection

From learning quick tips to troubleshooting frustrating issues, this illustrated reference guide will walk you through every click

You'll learn time-saving tips, new techniques and proven solutions to reduce repetitive duties, increase your overall output and become a more confident user. Whether you primarily work in Access®, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint® or Word — we've got you covered.

Make Microsoft Office work for you. Tap into your true professional persona by utilizing these helpful programs to their fullest potential. You'll soon be composing documents, organizing figures, analyzing data, keeping up with communication and preparing presentations more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

All five reference guides included in this suite have been specifically created to allow for quick referencing and straightforward instructions. You'll easily navigate each helpful tip through colorful illustrations, corresponding icons, difficulty scales and step-by-step screenshots. Easy-to-identify icons help you gain a better understanding of the steps by highlighting important information.

Here are a few you'll look for again and again:

  • Hot Tips

    Discover the little-known techniques that allow you more flexibility in fewer clicks.

  • What Microsoft Calls It

    Don't get held up by confusing computer terms. This icon provides a handy reference to Microsoft's terminology for your current step.

  • Quickest Click

    Learn shortcuts that allow you accomplish tasks even faster.

Don’t let any of these Microsoft Office programs overwhelm you again! Use these valuable resources to take control of your workday by streamlining processes, integrating data and adding hours back into your schedule every week!

QuickClicks Office 2010 Collection

The powerful programs included in the Microsoft Office suite are among the primary business software used across the world. However, many professionals aren't taking advantage of everything these programs have to offer and are under-utilizing the features and functions that can eliminate tedious daily tasks, perform routine updates and increase productivity. That's why we developed the QuickClicks reference guide series.