Payroll Answer Book (2020)

Reliable guidance on payroll compliance


From both a legal and practical standpoint, broad and deep coverage is given to:

  • Payroll implications of the wage and hour law
  • How to handle the federal employment taxation of benefits offered to employees
  • Computing and paying payroll taxes
  • How to handle garnishments and other deductions
  • How to determine whether workers are employees or independent contractors
  • What records must be kept
  • What the benefits and disadvantages of direct deposit of employees' wages are
  • How to treat sick pay
  • How to handle a merger or acquisition
  • What to ask when employees work abroad

In addition to answering the full range of payroll questions, the Payroll Answer Book contains abundant examples that illustrate necessary calculations.

The 2019 Edition of Payroll Answer Book has been updated to include:

  • How to complete the 2018 W-2 Form
  • Requirements under the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act provisions that are in effect for 2016 Forms W-2
  • A new safe harbor for de minimis errors
  • Revised due dates for forms
  • Budget proposals for 2018 affecting unemployment
  • Additional analysis about the method of acquisition of a predecessor’s property being material
  • And much more!

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Payroll Answer Book (2020)
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