The New Relationship Strategies

Using the Platinum Rule to Create Instant Rapport


A Proven Way to Build Rapport

  1. Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice
  2. The Golden Rule
  3. The root of the Platinum Rule
  4. Using the Platinum Rule
  5. The four personality types

Understanding the Four Basic Styles

  1. The Director
  2. The Thinker
  3. The Socializer
  4. The Relater


Getting a Quick Handle on Anyone

  1. Vocal and visual communication
  2. Listening to verbal clues
  3. Summarizing the personality types verbal clues
  4. How people send out signals
  5. The self-contained person

The Platinum Grid

  1. Direct vs. indirect people
  2. Are you direct or indirect?
  3. Practicing identification of the four personality types
  4. Pluses and minuses of each style
  5. One more exercise


Pinpointing Your Blend of Personal Styles

  1. Styles and sub-styles
  2. Looking at the four sub-styles of Directors
  3. The four sub-styles of Socializers
  4. The Relater sub-styles
  5. The Thinker sub-styles

Building the Bridges of Compatibility

  1. Bonds and barriers among the four styles
  2. High and moderate compatibility between similar types
  3. Conflicts between types – low compatibility
  4. Negotiating


Mastering the Skill of Adaptability

  1. An example of adaptability
  2. Learning the skill of adaptability
  3. Socializers and Thinkers
  4. How a Relater becomes adaptable
  5. A final example of adaptability

Bringing Out the Best in Groups

  1. Why teams misfire
  2. How the four styles influence a group
  3. Two ways to set up a great group
  4. A pivotal question
  5. Getting the best results


High-Performance Leadership

  1. The Platinum Rule in leadership
  2. Motivating
  3. Complimenting
  4. Counseling
  5. Delegating

Five Steps to Successful Sales

  1. Phases of buying
  2. Selling today
  3. The first step - Contact
  4. The second step - explore
  5. The third step – collaborating


Five Steps to Successful Sales (cont’d)

  1. More on collaborating
  2. Commitment – the fourth step
  3. A brief recap
  4. The Assure step – number five
  5. A fundamental change

Creating a Web of Rich Relationships

  1. Applying the Platinum Rule outside the workplace
  2. Family conflicts
  3. Applying the Platinum Rule with children
  4. Cultivating adaptability in all areas of your life
  5. The key to the Platinum Rule

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