This "Master Guide" serves as a handy desktop reference containing succinct explanations and quick-glance charts detailing common sales and use tax issues for all states and the District of Columbia. It provides easy-to-read multistate overviews of sales taxes and describes for each state the basis, state and local tax rates, principal payment and return due dates and countless other key facts and figures.

This information-packed guide is a must-have for all professionals who deal with sales and use tax planning and compliance. Whether you work with sales and use tax every day or occasionally, you'll have quick answers, overviews and multistate charts right at your fingertips!

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The U.S. Master Sales and Use Tax Guide covers:

  • Constitutional Issues — Federal Limitations
  • Multistate Agreements
  • Tax Information for each state including:
    • Scope of Tax
    • Tax Base
    • List of Exemptions, Exceptions, and Exclusions
    • Rate of Tax
    • Local Taxes
    • Returns, Payments, and Due Dates
    • Prepayment of Taxes
    • Vendor Registration
    • Sales or Use Tax Credits
    • Deficiency Assessments
    • Audit Procedures
    • Statute of Limitations
    • Application for Refund

Includes a free link to the online version of Multistate Corporate Tax Course

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US Master Sales and Use Tax Guide
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