Making lifestyle choices that contribute to better physical and emotional health

Choices about …

  • How you think about yourself, your past, and your future
  • How you take care of your body — the ways you eat, exercise, and relax
  • How you relate to other people

Live by choice, not by chance

Life by Design is based on the research of Dr. Rick Brinkman, a widely known naturopathic physician and counselor. Over the years, he has identified specific attitudes and habits that contribute to overall wellness — and those that diminish it. This program is your chance to gain firsthand insights into:

  • Optimum health and energy: You're not sidelined by stress or preventable illness
  • Fulfilling relationships: You can give more and treat your loved ones with honesty and compassion
  • Happiness and purpose: You live your life by proacting, rather than reacting
  • As Dr. Brinkman puts it, "Your life is a sum total of what you choose in every moment."
Life by Design - Self Improvement Training

What is Life by Design? It's a lifestyle management system that helps you take charge of your well-being. You do this by making conscious choices — in all areas of your life — that promote optimum physical and emotional health.