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How to Read Body Language in 10 Seconds Flat


When interviewing a job applicant, making a sales call or talking to co-workers, knowing how to read body language gives you a huge advantage. Using his many years of experience as a public speaker and trainer, Pat Murphy teaches you the skill of: Reading Body Language in 10 seconds flat including:

  • Twelve (12) gestures which can indicate that someone is lying to you.
  • Seventeen (17) gestures to watch for when interviewing a job applicant.
  • Thirty-Two (32) gestures to look for when making a sales presentation.
  • Ten (10) gestures which can indicate your boss likes or dislikes what you are saying.
  • Two (2) gestures which usually mean the customer wants to ask you a question.
  • Plus many more!

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How to Read Body Language in 10 Seconds Flat
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