How to Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right

Develop your people and yourself with this workshop

In this class you'll learn how to delegate work by developing your own step-by-step delegation plan. Use this course and you'll enjoy the benefits listed below.

Program Benefits

  • You'll have more time to think, plan, and take initiative at a higher level.
  • Your people will feel challenged (and exceed your expectations).
  • You'll boost productivity.
  • You'll be more promotable (Face it: You won't be going anywhere unless there's someone to fill your shoes).
  • Here's an opportunity to learn the skills of delegation and how to use them to develop your people and yourself.
How to Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right™ Audio CD

Delegation is the key difference between managers who stall out and those who go to the top. But how do you protect yourself from a "delegation disaster" that's turned in late, done all wrong, and wastes everyone's time?