HelpDesk for OSHA Medical/Dental

Medical and dental offices need to be ready for OSHA inspections.

Do not waste your time going through pages and pages of government regulations. This compliance-based software will outline the OSHA regulations for your dental office and OSHA regulations for your medical office that you need to know. It comes ready to equip your practice with a simple approach to satisfying OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen requirements along with other requirements that are specific to both medical and dental practices.

The program contains OSHA regulations, mandatory and optional self-inspection checklists, forms, fact sheets, guides, PowerPoint training tools, samples of the mandatory plans and programs, and much more. A 55 minute webinar will walk safety officers through the process of creating a program and becoming OSHA compliant.

HelpDesk for OSHA Medical/Dental: CD-ROM $169

This is also included in these suites of all 4 modules Best Value $389

  • HelpDesk Suite for Medical/Dental
  • HelpDesk Suite for Small Business
HelpDesk for OSHA Medical/Dental

If you need help building the necessary tools for a health and safety program that not only complies with the law, but protects your employees, then this product is for you!