Financially Speaking

Arm yourself now with easy to understand financial information and dramatically increase your odds of staying in business and keeping the dream alive!

This program is targeted to Nonfinancial Business Owners, Executive Directors, Sales, Marketing, Production and other Operations Professionals who need to understand these concepts to thrive. The program is presented in an easy to understand, interactive way – you’ll be engaged the entire time.

In this program you will:

  • Learn basic financial and accounting terms and concepts.
  • Discover how to navigate the key financial statements.
  • Understand how to perform critical financial analyses.
  • Gain insight into looking at key historical numbers monthly to help forecast and plan annually.

Be intimidated no longer! Learn to thrive in the financial aspects of running your business and KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!

Financially Speaking

Entrepreneurs with dreams of wealth and freedom start new businesses every day – and a huge percentage of them are out of business before their first year is over. #1 reason? LACK OF FINANCIAL FLUENCY.