Finance Records Retention Book

Learn financial records management and how to maintain your files, documents, and data in a way that saves time and minimizes potential legal hassles

Finance Records Retention provides a practical approach to manage and maintain your files, documents and data in a way that saves time and minimizes potential legal hassles.

Gain tips and strategies for understanding:

  • Which records must be retained, how long to retain them and how to properly store them
  • Specific concerns for financial institutions
  • What exceptions apply to your organization and under what circumstances
  • Federal rules, statutes and regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and others
  • Legal issues that can affect your document destruction process — what you need to know now

Failure to retain critical financial documents and information according to legal standards can land your organization in serious trouble. This power-packed financial records management program provides you with the answers and up-to-the-minute specifics for creating a clear and simple records retention system that is effective, efficient and in complete compliance with regulatory and legislative practices.

Finance Records Retention Book

Creating policies and processes for organizing, storing, archiving, and destroying your organization's critical business documents is overwhelming. For financial institutions, it's even more complex given the legal guidelines that must be followed. Not only is it important to know what information is stored, how it's stored, and where, it's imperative that documents and files be destroyed appropriately and in a timely manner to comply with government regulations.