Finance Records Retention

Learn financial records management and how to maintain your files, documents, and data in a way that saves time and minimizes potential legal hassles


Finance Records Retention provides a practical approach to manage and maintain your files, documents and data in a way that saves time and minimizes potential legal hassles.

Gain tips and strategies for understanding:

  • Which records must be retained, how long to retain them and how to properly store them
  • Specific concerns for financial institutions
  • What exceptions apply to your organization and under what circumstances
  • Federal rules, statutes and regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and others
  • Legal issues that can affect your document destruction process — what you need to know now

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Failure to retain critical financial documents and information according to legal standards can land your organization in serious trouble. This power-packed financial records management program provides you with the answers and up-to-the-minute specifics for creating a clear and simple records retention system that is effective, efficient and in complete compliance with regulatory and legislative practices.

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Finance Records Retention
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