Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Master Series

The World Famous Speed-Reading Program!

Learn to read almost as fast as you can flip the page — with astounding comprehension! Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics works like magic. Presidents Kennedy and Carter profited from the course so much they insisted that their top staff members take it. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, college professors, members of Congress and over two million other achievers are also Evelyn Wood graduates.

Double Your Reading Speed — Guaranteed!

You'll learn how to determine your current reading rate, then increase it immediately. Your reading speed will double – guaranteed! Finish the newspaper in five or ten minutes. Rifle through magazines, reports and trade publications in record time. Polish off entire books in one sitting. Plus, there's an advanced comprehension and retention system that will help you understand more.

Program Highlights:

  • Read even the most complex material at increased speeds — move from the average reader's 250 words per minute to speeds exceeding 1,000 words per minute
  • Remember ideas, concepts, information — retain what you've read for months instead of just days or hours
  • Understand what you read with remarkable depth and clarity — without long, laborious notes, without slow reading and continuously going back to the material
  • Absorb verbal information — meetings, presentations, conversations — and recall accurately what was said or discussed
  • Manage the stacks of information you face every day without the usual frustration and fatigue — even financial and legal documents, periodicals and more
  • Help your children improve their grades and prepare for tests or college entrance exams (Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics is appropriate for anyone who reads at a 6th grade level or higher)
  • Stay on top of your coursework as you pursue your own graduate degree!

Read faster and remember more — order your copy today!

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics - Speed Reading Course

The most powerful weapon ever for reading faster, comprehending better, and remembering more. Now available in instructor-led training formats and NEW self-paced study formats.