Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Quick-Start Guide

An Introductory DVD to Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, The World Famous Speed-Reading Program

This motivational Quick-Start Guide sets you on track toward increased reading speed and comprehension. For more than 40 years, the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Program has helped hundreds of thousands of businesspeople, avid readers, and students increase their reading speed and comprehension level — including United States presidents, members of Congress, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Now it will do the same for you.

The Quick-Start Guide provides you with a comprehensive introduction to the Complete Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics System, and will offer:

  • A preview of how Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics works, and what the program can do for you
  • Success stories and insider looks at the system from both new and lifelong users
  • Information that will have you excited and ready to double, even triple your reading speed
  • A guide for using the system to: read even the most complex material at increased speeds; remember ideas, concepts, and information, and retain them with ease; understand what you read with remarkable depth and clarity; and ways to manage the stacks of information you face every day while reducing the fatigue and frustration of it all
  • Don't struggle through another frustrating day wading through piles of paper and stacks of information. Take the first step toward changing your life, both at work and at home.
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Quick-Start Guide

Take the first step to a more successful, productive life using the time-tested power of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics.