Evelyn Wood Pro Pack

A five pro pack.

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

The World Famous Speed-Reading Program!

Learn to read almost as fast as you can flip the page — with astounding comprehension! Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics works like magic. Presidents Kennedy and Carter profited from the course so much they insisted that their top staff members take it. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, college professors, members of Congress, and over two million other achievers are also Evelyn Wood graduates.

You'll learn how to determine your current reading rate, then increase it immediately. Your reading speed will double — guaranteed! Finish the newspaper in five or ten minutes. Rifle through magazines, reports, and trade publications in record time. Polish off entire books in one sitting. Plus, there's an advanced comprehension and retention system that will help you understand more.

Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics

How to retain, recall, and remember more!

Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics

Expand the power of your mind! Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics gives you the tools you need to remember and retain more information, names, and numbers!

Improve your recall power and capacity of your mental "filing cabinet." Learn to jump-start your dynamic memory using a variety of mnemonic techniques — acronyms, acrostics, songs or rhymes, and visual memory tricks. The proven, time-tested power of Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics is amazing and unlimited!

Evelyn Wood Vocabulary Dynamics

How to read, write and communicate with confidence & clarity!

Evelyn Wood Vocabulary Dynamics

What do the words you use say about you? Does your vocabulary reflect a positive or negative impression on others? Your ability to communicate effectively is dependent on your knowing which words to use and how to use them.

Whether you are a student, business professional, or interested in expanding your communication skills, this program enriches your understanding and ability to convey your thoughts with precision and clarity.

Evelyn Wood NoteTaking & Study Skills for Great Grades!

Essential skills for college success

Evelyn Wood Note Taking & Study Skills for Great Grades

With this interactive CD-ROM, students learn strategies for condensing and organizing hundreds of hours of lectures notes and thousands of pages of content into clear, condensed, usable notes that enable quick and effective studying.

Specifically designed with the busy (and sometimes stressed!) student in mind, this interactive program uses engaging, entertaining games and activities to make learning fast, fun, and easy!

Evelyn Wood Speed Drills

Quick, easy drills to maximize and maintain your speed

Evelyn Wood Speed Drills

Become a dynamic reader for life! This CD-ROM makes it easy to maintain, refresh, and improve your skills with quick drills you can repeat as often as you want … even if you only have 5 minutes to spare! Plus, up to 5 users can chart their progress using our special electronic tracking system!

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Pro Pack

Improve your memory, vocabulary and study skills with this combo pack.

  • Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics®
  • Memory Dynamics®
  • Vocabulary Dynamics®
  • NoteTaking & Study Skills for Great Grades!™
  • Speed Drills