Evelyn Wood Dynamic Duo - Memory and Vocab

How to retain, recall and remember more. How to read, write and communicate with confidence & clarity.

Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics

How to retain, recall and remember more!

Expand the power of your mind! Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics gives you the tools you need to remember and retain more information, names and numbers!

Improve your recall power and capacity of your mental "filing cabinet." Learn to jump-start your dynamic memory using a variety of mnemonic techniques — acronyms, acrostics, songs or rhymes and visual memory tricks. The proven, time-tested power of Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics is amazing and unlimited!

Today, everyone is bombarded with information. Whether you are a high school student, college student or business professional, this program will help you …

  • Retain all you have to know to prepare for and pass exams.
  • Learn facts, figures, presentations and new information quickly, making you more effective at work, in meetings and in your busy personal life.
  • Help your children with homework and memorization.
  • Stop losing personal items … keys, wallet, briefcase, umbrella, etc.
  • Remember names and personal information of every person you meet — new friends, co-workers, customers or networking contacts.

Evelyn Wood Vocabulary Dynamics

How to read, write and communicate with confidence & clarity!

What do the words you use say about you? Does your vocabulary reflect a positive or negative impression on others? Your ability to communicate effectively is dependent on your knowing which words to use and how to use them.

Whether you are a student, business professional or interested in expanding your communication skills, this program enriches your understanding and ability to convey your thoughts with precision and clarity.

Jumpstart your brainpower and expand your vocabulary quickly and effectively!

  • Remember words that you may not hear everyday, but want to remember when you read or hear them with powerful "Vocabulary Dynamics Memory Hooks."
  • Learn to use new words in a new context with the technique called "Context-Shifting."
  • Acquire the power to express yourself fully and completely, and gain a strategic advantage in your daily work life.
Evelyn Wood Memory & Vocabulary Dynamics Training Pack

Improve your memory and vocabulary skills with this powerful Evelyn Wood duo:

  • Memory Dynamics
  • Vocabulary Dynamics