Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation

How to keep your cool, stand your ground and reach a positive solution

You'll learn psychologically sound techniques proven to work on a variety of conflicts … even in situations charged with potentially destructive behavior such as temper tantrums, tensions, anxiety, fear, one-upmanship and flat-out lying.

Program Highlights

  • The two primary reasons conflicts occur (and how to see them coming)
  • Why people become enemies, and how to break the cycles that lead us to hostilities
  • When conflict is good: five ways conflict can actually benefit you and your organization
  • How to confront people in a way that minimizes defensiveness and hostility
  • Best ways to deal with dirty tactics such as backstabbing, lying and sabotage
  • The five classic conflict-resolution strategies, and the pros and cons of each
Dealing With Conflict & Confrontation DVDs, CD & Workbook

Conflicts are inevitable. Anger, grudges, hurt and blame are not. In fact, most of your conflicts can be resolved fairly easily, and you can do it in a way that actually benefits everyone involved. This insight-packed program will show you how.