Assertive Communication Skills for Professionals

How to communicate powerfully in a style that's comfortable for you

If assertiveness has never been your strong suit — or if you sometimes wonder if you're being too rigid or too flexible — you'll welcome the coaching and solid advice this program offers.

Program Highlights

  • A self-test to determine how assertive you are now
  • Learn to understand the four communication styles
  • Roadblocks to assertiveness
  • Techniques for picking and planning your battles
  • The most effective way to ask for what you want — and get it
  • Assertive confrontation: how to deal with issues instead of emotions
Assertive Communication Skills for Professionals

Ever notice the way assertive people can be honest and forthright — and still value the feelings of others? Their skills and style earn them respect and cooperation at every level. This program will show you how to handle your communication challenges with confidence, openness and competence.