A Good Life... with Fred Pryor

Take control of your mind, body and health with this motivational message.

This inspirational program ...

  • Motivates and inspires the listener into taking control of one's body through taking control of one's mind.
  • Shares a way of evaluating one's life through looking forward to one's "one-hundred-year-old self."
  • Examines the ways of living, from prophecy to bureaucracy.
  • Encourages visualization as a stepping stone to motivation and actualization.

About Fred Pryor …

When it comes to exceptional training that generates organizational results, Fred Pryor wrote the book .. And taught the class. More than 30 years ago, Fred created a professional development business that today has transformed into Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. Thousands of people attend these seminars each year with tremendously positive results.

Fred has earned three academic degrees with emphasis in psychology, guidance, and counseling, and he is also a board member of several philanthropic organizations on both the local and national levels. His many honors and awards include special designation in the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association, the Achievement Award from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, and the Kansas City Spirit Award.

A Good Life... with Fred Pryor

Renowned speaker, author, and philanthropist Fred Pryor shares his philosophies on achieving and maintaining good physical health through good mental health. His inspirational style will motivate and encourage you to be proactive toward your own health, for a richer, better, healthier life.