The 9 Deadliest Sins of Communication

Learn to prevent breakdowns that can strain relationships, hinder teamwork, and bring productivity to a standstill

A cruel, thoughtless remark … a careless mistake in an important memo … a failure to inform the proper people. Even the little things can tarnish your reputation or cast doubt on your competence. Whether the culprit is YOU — or a coworker or customer — the solutions offered in this program can bring about swift and positive changes in how you communicate with one another.

Program Highlights

  • How to minimize mistakes, manage manipulators and maintain control
  • Six steps to keep from losing listeners and four key phrases to use when you're the one getting lost
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to guarantee two-way communication
  • Ways to break the bad habit of "tuning out"
  • How to keep the lines of communication from getting clogged

Good communication is the key to keeping projects on track and completing them on time. Let The 9 Deadliest Sins of Communication provide you with proven, practical solutions for effective communication to keep you and your team at peak performance — every day!

The 9 Deadliest Sins of Communication - Interpersonal Communication

You can trace almost every workplace failure or faux pas to inadequate communication skills; however, most foul-ups could be averted if people only knew how to avoid the 9 deadliest sins of communication.