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60 Minutes of Microsoft® Excel® Secrets

Learn to customize, organize and format your spreadsheets with ease

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Microsoft ® Excel ® Keyboard Shortcuts for PC - SkillBuilder Game

Learn useful Excel shortcut keys to help navigate your spreadsheets with ease


Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks

FastTrack Library identifies how to define a named range, record a macro and customize the Quick Access Toolbar

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Microsoft® Excel® Products

60 Minutes of Excel 2013 Secrets

Stay up to date with the newest features and more in this Excel 2013 training

Digital Download Available.

60 Minutes of Excel Secrets

Learn to customize, organize and format your spreadsheets with ease

Digital Download Available.

Advanced Excel® Tips for the Power User

Master Excel and its most complex and intimidating features to simplify data manipulation and analysis

Digital Download Available.

Excel Essentials

Learn formulas, functions, formatting, database functions and more in this easy to use program

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Excel® Dashboard 101

Take raw data and make it presentable with this Excel dashboard training

Digital Download Available.

Excel® Dashboard 201: Designing Dynamic Dashboards

Design Excel VBA dashboards and impress your boss and coworkers

Digital Download Available.

Microsoft Excel Charts and Graphs Made Easy

Maximize the benefits of these powerful tools to present data and communicate results with ease

Digital Download Available.

Microsoft Excel Made Easy

Get familiar with the basics: functions, formulas, commands and more

Digital Download Available.

Microsoft Excel PivotTables Made Easy

Basic PivotTable training for beginners

Digital Download Available.

Microsoft® Excel® Formulas Made Easy

Easily automate calculations and tasks to increase efficiency with basic and advanced Excel formulas

Digital Download Available.