What’s New in Facebook and Twitter Marketing

Consumers and marketers both agree that Facebook and Twitter enjoy changing things up, and their addition of specific advertising features is good news for marketers.

Hashtags: Think of hashtags as clickable keywords you add to your posts. Try out these hashtag tips:

  • Newsjacking: Use current events and trending hashtags that compliment your business to “highjack” the wave of popularity for your brand.
  • Tag Your Brand: Sharpie® prompted their young, artistic audience to post images of creative artwork with the #sharpie tag.
  • Learn Hashtag Rules: Hashtags are like a secret language. Too long or too mundane and customers lose interest. Look to Twitter marketers for advice.

Newsfeed Tools: Facebook users don’t visit company pages. The majority interact with brands on their newsfeed through posts that are:

  • Shared by friends
  • EdgeRanked after a “Like”
  • Sponsored


  • Be visually attractive: Stand out from the clutter of pictures on a user’s feed. Photos make up 50% of newsfeed stories and that number is growing.
  • Be easy to interact with: Use short messages and easy-to-execute prompts.
  • Join conversations: Pay attention when your audience is talking about you and your products.

Check your online library for more information on social media with courses such as:

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