Top 10 Pryor Resources for Goal Setting and Achievement in 2022

Pryor Learning is committed to supporting your personal and professional training and development in 2022.  Here is our Top 10 list of resources to help you start the new year with a fresh perspective and new skills.

  1. Achieving Goals through Technology – With many teams working remotely more often, building your technology skills can maximize your effectiveness. Our “Maximizing Productivity with Microsoft® Teams” seminar and other online Microsoft Office training courses can strengthen your performance and improve productivity.
  1. Building Resilience through Emotional Intelligence – We continue to experience changes in our society and many of us yearn for a “New Normal.” Pryor’s emotional intelligence trainings can help you build your resilience in the face of change at home and work.
  1. Learning New Professional Skills in 2022 – Considering a job or career change in 2022? Pryor provides specialized training in different professional areas including Finance and Accounting, Project Management Customer Service, Human Resources and Workplace Safety. Explore new areas to stretch yourself professionally!
  1. Managing Priorities and Deadlines – It is easier to achieve goals when we effectively manage many competing priorities. Our popular “Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects and Deadlines” training can help you gain more control over your time, tasks and priorities.
  1. Navigating Remote Work – Effectively managing yourself and others in telework situations can make a big difference in achieving goals. Pryor offers a variety of live online seminars on remote work as well as on-demand content on planning your transition to a post-COVID-19 world.
  1. Building Skills Quickly through Microlearning – Want to commit to self-development but don’t have a lot of time? Pryor’s Microlearning eLibrary provides small bursts of learning in under 10 minutes, helping you change your behavior in real time!
  1. Framing Goals as Projects to Manage – Setting goals is one thing – working through the steps to achieve them is another. Effective project management can help you define your goals in terms of activities and deliverables providing structure to your process at home and at work.   
  1. Maintaining Your Credentials Through Certifications – Did you know that Pryor can help you achieve or maintain industry certifications in areas such as Human Resource Management and Project Management? The Pryor platform also helps you track your training for reporting and documentation.
  1. Polishing Your Writing Skills – Most professional roles have some element of written communication. Pryor’s Grammar and Business Writing courses and seminars can help you brush up on grammar and effective business writing skills.
  1. Brushing up on Special Topics – This Pryor Blog includes articles on a range of topics from time management to leadership to workplace safety to teamwork. The articles are published monthly and years of archives are available to browse for free!

We are here to support your professional development in 2022. Happy New Year from the full Pryor Team!