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How to Say It: Phrases for a Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals can create stress for supervisors, particularly when you need to provide corrective feedback. Even the most experienced managers can find themselves at a loss for words during the conversation.  Here are some phrases to help engage the employee in a two-way dialogue. “The ABC Project was a key…
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Performance Appraisals: Preparing to Give and Receive

At their best, performance appraisals should be a two-way dialogue between the rater (often the supervisor) and the receiver (the employee). Here are some tips for both the giver and receiver of performance appraisal feedback. Giving: Be prepared and anticipate possible responses. Ideally, you have been keeping notes over the…
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The First Rule of Appraisals: No Surprises

Samantha and James ran into each other in the break room and began discussing their upcoming employee review. James is feeling a great deal of stress because he has a lot of uncertainties. Samantha is looking forward to meeting with her supervisor and getting a chance to discuss her future…
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