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Leading Yourself and Respecting Others Into the New Year

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Good leaders and managers know you can’t lead others until you know and can effectively lead yourself.  Understanding your own strengths and development needs helps you both respect yourself, and lead others.  This article focuses both on leadership and developing a culture of respect as we close out the year and look towards new beginnings….
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Critical Practices for Leading a Team

When talking about leading a team, many focus on long-term intact teams. These may be organizational support teams, sales teams or service teams – regardless of mission, they are designed to stay together for a long time.  It is equally important to be able to effectively lead temporary teams – teams that are convened for…
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Leading A Team to Success in Five Steps

Let’s be clear: teamwork is really hard. For every blog article proclaiming how beneficial teamwork is, there is a manager struggling to make it happen in the real world. In this article, we’ll look at five critical steps that help these managers lead a team to success.   1. Setting a Clear Charter and Goals…
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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month: Tips for Leaders

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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month sets aside a specific month of the year to help organizations focus on physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.  Encouraging active living, quality physical education and health programs can have long term benefits for individuals, teams and organizations.  This article focuses on providing tips for leaders for promoting health and…
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Setting the Tone or Setting the Direction?

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There is a tough balance between authentic leadership and situational leadership.  We ask leaders to be true to who they are, while also asking them to adjust their approach to fit the situation or person at hand.  When considering situational leadership, we tend to praise leaders and managers who are naturally resilient and flexible—if flexibility…
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Leading Teams to Success: When Styles Clash

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We recently worked with an organization with two important teams. One was an “operations team,” focused on basic case management—where consistency and steady thruput were important success factors.  The other was a “strategic initiatives team,” focused on developing new approaches for the case management team—new software tools, new research methods and new services.   The…
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Leadership in an Uncertain World

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Leaders and managers are responsible for leading teams to success—but what does that look like in these uncertain times?  In some parts of the country, leaders are navigating the realities of returning to the office after long-term telework. In other workplaces, leaders are wrestling with health-related mandates as COVID-19 cases persist.  Teams are getting to…
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Developing Emotional Intelligence

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Developing Emotional Intelligence As a business leader, you are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself. You take courses and read the top business publications to increase your knowledge. You stay abreast of technological advancements in your industry and look for ways to improve your communication and presentation skills. However, what if someone told you…
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Strategic Thinking Training, Generate Highly Effective Managers

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Companies that have traditionally rewarded employees for productivity understand that there might be another factor that makes management more effective: Strategic thinking. In fact, the Management Research Group (MRG), an assessment design consulting company, found that a strategic approach to leadership is 10 times more important to the perception of effectiveness than other skills. Even…
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