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Setting the Tone or Setting the Direction?

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There is a tough balance between authentic leadership and situational leadership.  We ask leaders to be true to who they are, while also asking them to adjust their approach to fit the situation or person at hand.  When considering situational leadership, we tend to praise leaders and managers who are naturally resilient and flexible—if flexibility…
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Leading Teams to Success: When Styles Clash

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We recently worked with an organization with two important teams. One was an “operations team,” focused on basic case management—where consistency and steady thruput were important success factors.  The other was a “strategic initiatives team,” focused on developing new approaches for the case management team—new software tools, new research methods and new services.   The…
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Leadership in an Uncertain World

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Leaders and managers are responsible for leading teams to success—but what does that look like in these uncertain times?  In some parts of the country, leaders are navigating the realities of returning to the office after long-term telework. In other workplaces, leaders are wrestling with health-related mandates as COVID-19 cases persist.  Teams are getting to…
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Lead Like a Pirate

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Avast, me hearties, and listen well! In the lighthearted spirit of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, let’s envision the romanticized version of these rapscallions of the sea and reflect on their positive qualities. After all, pirate captains had to have masterful communication and leadership skills to steer a band of scurvy knaves to the…
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Strategic Thinking Training, Generate Highly Effective Managers

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Companies that have traditionally rewarded employees for productivity understand that there might be another factor that makes management more effective: Strategic thinking. In fact, the Management Research Group (MRG), an assessment design consulting company, found that a strategic approach to leadership is 10 times more important to the perception of effectiveness than other skills. Even…
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Become A Strategic Thinker with Creative Thinking Games

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Become A Strategic Thinker with Creative Thinking Games You’ve been told you need to become a more strategic manager. Or, maybe you’ve heard that strategic thinking will help your career. But, can someone really learn to be more “strategic”? Like any skill, strategic leadership can be learned and honed through training and – most importantly…
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Informal Leadership: Leaders from Unconventional Places

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Who are the most important leaders in your organization? Make a list of the top five to ten. Chances are good that your list consists exclusively of team leads, supervisors, managers and executives. Unfortunately, this means you’re forgetting some of the most important and influential figures your company depends on every day.


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