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Working with Data: Improving Organizational Outcomes

Working with Data: Improving Organizational Outcomes thumbnail

Data isn’t just for statisticians, data scientists and computer specialists!  Most employees and supervisors benefit from understanding this resource in today’s data-driven world. 10 Things Employees Should Know About Data Here are some key aspects that employees should understand about the data in their organization: Importance of Data: Recognize that data is a valuable asset…
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The Dichotomies of Data: Understanding Data Opposites

The Dichotomies of Data: Understanding Data Opposites thumbnail

Understanding data involves understanding differences in data types. This article describes dichotomies, opposites or dualities that help us broaden our view about the types of data that may be important for our organization and in our jobs. These dichotomies highlight different aspects or perspectives that are important in understanding and analyzing data.   Here are…
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5 Excel Data Entry Tips and Tricks You’ll Wish You’d Learned Earlier

When you start learning Excel, you begin by using the simplest methods for entering data and creating calculations. It is a credit to the software that so many tasks are able to be performed by the most inexperienced of users right from the beginning of their training. Once you gain experience and confidence, however, these…
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How to Lock Cells in Excel to Protect Your Work from Changes

We’ve all done it.  Mis-clicked. Mis-typed. Hit enter when we meant to hit tab. And while it’s frustrating to make mistakes in a spreadsheet of our own data, when managing important company assets those mistakes can have expensive consequences. When many people work on the same spreadsheet, these normal opportunities for errors are multiplied. This…
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