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Customer Service Training Activities: Stories and Strategies

The best team building activities allow people to have fun, while also creating something that will be useful to the team in the future. In this post, we share some small group activities to share with your customer service teams. First, form small groups of people that provide similar types of customer service: 4-5 people in…
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Group Problem Solving: Customer Service Challenges

Group Problem Solving:  Customer Service Challenges thumbnail

In this post, we offer an idea for a customer service call center exercise with groups of 10-60 people — you need a large space, chart paper and markers.  The goal is to allow people to share their customer service experiences — and fears — in a safe supportive forum. First, tape chart paper on…
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Rewarding Customer Service: Creative Gifts

Everyone likes to feel noticed and appreciated — and for staff working on the front lines with customers, a small reward or gift for the work they do can be particularly meaningful.  I once worked with an employee-centered customer service manager who has a great set of small symbolic gifts and rewards — each embossed…
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