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Payroll Law — Latest Changes in Regulations

On New Year's Day, Congress passed legislation that affects the paychecks of all Americans, by not extending the reduction in Social Security, or FICA, withholding for all employees. There are also additional income tax and Medicare changes for those earning over $200,000 annually. FICA Withholding The change in FICA impacts…
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Tips for Planning a Glitch-Free Project

When you are in charge of any type of project, proper planning contributes to a glitch-free project during the process. Set Realistic Goals Set realistic goals that keep you on schedule and ensure everyone involved stays on task. Factors in setting realistic goals: Identify major project phases and break them…
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Traits of a Successful Project Manager

Successful project managers have plenty of positive traits that help boost sales, launch new products, increase efficiency in the workplace, and implement new processes. Command Authority and Keep the Project Moving Command authority by leading others to see the end goal and help navigate the path to completion. Take charge…
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Take Control of Your Time to Manage More in Less Time

Looking for ways to better manage your time and accomplish a lot in a small amount of time? Stop Watching the Clock Instead of focusing on time, set a specific goal or milestone to complete with a specific deadline. For example, decide you will complete the brainstorming phase before you…
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