How to Track Your Social Media Reach

Reach indicates the number of people aware of your brand or content. Think number of “likes” on a Facebook page, followers on Twitter, or subscribers to your YouTube channel. With the right tools, you will soon be able to understand more about where your target markets “hang out” online and where to expand your reach.

There are many social tools to help you manage your efforts:

Google Analytics & Google Alerts: Google offers high-quality analytics tools to track visits to your website and alerts that notify you about new hits on search terms. Track where visitors to your site are coming from and where people are talking about your brand.

Argyle Social: A strong tool for the B2B industry. Its analytics are focused on identifying leads and prospects.

HootSuite: This aggregator offers a variety of free, pro and enterprise options. It can help you manage campaigns across platforms and monitor mentions of your business.

Sprout Social & Social Mention: Services that monitor and aggregate user-generated content. Other features include lead generation tools and analytics.

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